Skenesborough Museum

The Skenesborough Museum was founded in 1959 during the town of Whitehall’s 200th (bicentennial) anniversary.  The building it occupies is a 1917 reinforced concrete Canal Terminal building.  It was later used as a town shed before NYS planned to demolish it.

June 28th, 1959 it was dedicated and in 1960 the town received permission to use the building as long as it remain a museum.¹

Contact Information
Skenesborough Museum:
Telephone: 518 499-0716/1155
Summer hours are Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sunday noon to 4 p.m.

¹ As Per Doris B. Morton Archive: Bicentennial and Dedication – Whitehall Times – July 1, 1976

2 Responses to Skenesborough Museum

  1. Herbert Clark says:

    Hi, what are your winter hours, Dec. 23?

    • MBennett says:

      While we do not work directly with the Museum, I know the people who do. I have sent a request for the current hours and will respond as soon as I know.

      As the Museum is primarily staffed by volunteers, I am pretty sure the Museum will not be open on the 23rd.

      As soon as I know otherwise though, I will let you know!

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