Skenesborough.com was designed to provide a portal for events, links, news, and provide an archive of information for the greater Whitehall, NY area. Whitehall’s history is very important. We strive to provide you, our audience, with the keys to our area’s history, in the hopes that you will benefit from it.

Skenesborough.com is a operated by a collaborative effort between G&M Photography and South Bay Computers, both Whitehall based businesses.

The Doris B. Morton Archive and related information was compiled over many long hours by Ken Bartholomew and Carol Greenough. Without their efforts this entire archive of information would be unavailable.

Museum Photos and other Historic Pictures are provided by the Whitehall Historical Society. Their efforts over the years to preserve such irreplaceable artifacts of Whitehall’s history, will benefit everyone for many years to come.

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